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Sri Sri Jagannatha Chetana :  
  " Sri Sri Jagannatha Chetana (SSJC) was established as a trust on the auspicious day of Geeta Jayant (26.12.2000) in Bhubaneswar with the sole object of creating a socio-spiritual movement amongst the mass. This conducts various reformative spiritual cultural programmes amongst the women. Within a very short period, SSJC could establish 442 Maa Subhadra Matru Mandalis where the ladies gather daily/weekly to recite Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Geeta and imbibe spiritual strength. As the mother is the real architect of the society, SSJC projects to open Maa Subhadra Matru Mandalis in every village as an active center of social, economic and spiritual awareness.
The five point constructive spiritual programs , which would bring peace and prosperity to the society are undertaken.
(1) Eradication of Dowry & Dogma
(2) Eradication Alcohol & Intoxication
(3) Implementation of Cleanliness
(4) Fellow feeling
(5) Selfless Service to the Society
SSJC has proposed to develop its permanent Ashram near Bhubaneswar (Odisha state) in India. Here various productive, educative, motivative and eradicative training institutions will be established. A non-recurring expenditure of Rs. 1 crore (Indian Rupees) and annual recurring expenditure of Rs. 25 lakhs are estimated for successful implementation of this great noble mission."


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